Become an Affiliate Marketeer

Flexible Hours

Work on your schedule. You're the boss, so say when to work. Work 4 hours a week or 40, it's up to YOU.

Unlimited Potential

Millions are made each year by Affiliate Marketers.
You can get your piece of the pie.

Exploit your Passion

Cars, baking, Fishing, Juggling, anything
Make a living from what you love.

Work your own hours!

Work getting in the way of your life? Does it seem like you’re not getting anywhere? Become your own boss and take charge of your life. Start off as a supplement to your income. As your site grows, you could be one of the many that make Affiliate Marketing their sole income. Allowing you to live your life and make a living too. You can work anywhere, anytime, for the duration you choose.

Using WordPress and Higher Advantages proprietary plugin, you can easily step into the world of Affiliate Marketing and Internet Blogging.

Make the money you deserve!

Your income is effort driven. Want to make more money? Invest more effort. Plenty of people make a great living working only 6 to 8 hour a week on their site. You may want to work a lot more when you first get started, it takes a while to get the ball rolling, but once it does, LOOK-OUT! Your site will be making you money while you sleep. And this is a long term investment, so it’ll be making you money for years to come.

Higher Advantage’s online training will walk you through the process of getting started, then keep you guided during your enterprise. Our monthly news letter will keep you informed on changes in the industries, and one of our marketing specialists will be happy to answer members’ questions.

Do what you Love!

When you don’t love your job, it’s work. But when you’re doing what you love, it’s easy. Whether it’s hiking America’s National Forest, or collecting telephone pole insulators. If you’re passionate about something, there’s thousands of others out there who are just like you and these passionate people can be audience.

Apple Affiliate

The Apple iTunes affiliate site is a great starter for those who love apps. The site comes complete with Higher Advantage llc’s proprietary iTunes plugin. This plugin communicates directly with Apples iTunes servers and retrieves the apps that Apple believes you should have on your site. You don’t have to worry about products or product links, it’s all handled for you.

Amazon Affiliate Cart

With the Amazon Affiliate Cart. Your customers stay on your website up until checkout. Giving the impression of a brick and mortar business.