Join Higher Advantage LLC’s Affiliate Program

Would You Like to make over $30,000 a year,
working from home?

Higher Advantage LLC is currently seeking highly motivated individuals ready to make good income from the comforts of their home.


If you can talk to people in a friendly, respectful manner, then you meet this requirement.

If you can surf the web, you qualify. Don’t get us wrong, the more you know the easier it is and the more you make. Knowing the products is a must, but the more you know, the faster you can close the deal. If you don’t know tell the client you’ll find out. Your income will depend on you selling our products and not unicorns.

You willl need a phone to perform your job. It’s not mandatory, but it helps. You could sell face to face and make it easier to read your pitch, but phone sales are less time consuming. Most salesmen do both. If you are only looking to make $30,000 a year, you only need to average 1 sale a day. 

Though it is possible to work from the library, we recommend having you own computer. You must be able to access the internet. All sales are done over the internet.

If you even half way try to work this program, you’ll make money.

What’s the cost?

$0.00 Zilch, Nada, ничего, Нищо, 아무것도

That’s right, NOTHING.

How it works

When joining the affiliate program you’ll be assigned a unique affiliate ID. This ID is used to set the cookie on visitors computers. When a visitor clicks on an your affiliate link they’ll be taken to our site and a cookie is saved to their computer. If the visitor then places an order with the cookie present (cookie lasts for 3 months) then you earn a commission, saving them from having to click the affiliate’s unique link every time.

Furthermore, if a referred client upgrades their product, then commissions you receive in the future will also be adjusted to match the price of the new product. Commission payments already earned will be unaffected. This continues as long as the client is a client.

What’s the Commission Rate

Yes, we all want to know what we get paid.

  • Custom Designed Sites 15%

    The cost of a custom designed site start at $670
    That’s $670*15% = $100.50 in commission.
    One sale a day will net you $26,130 a year.

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